Friday, September 5, 2008


The betta fish lifespan ranges from 2 to 5 years depending upon the care you give them. Taking good care of your betta will ensure a longer lifespan for your betta fish. When you buy your betta from the pet stores, you need to know that they are adult betta and already about 6 months old. If the breeding has taken good care while breeding and good health of your betta when you bought it will result in a longer lifespan of your betta.

There are about 10 tips to ensure your betta fish has a longer lifespan.

Tip #1 for better lifespan of your betta is not to use purified or distilled water. Purified and distilled water along with that from carbon water filters are not good for betta fish. Normal tap water will be good for lifespan of betta fish. Tip #2 is ensure that there is good bacteria in the bowl or tank for good bacteria to process ammonia and nitrites excreted by the betta fish for longer lifespan of it. Tip #3 though betta fish can live in very little water since they can breathe directly from air, a minimum of one and half to two gallons of water would be better for a longer lifespan of betta fish. Tip #4, betta are carnivorous and strictly adhering to the food given by the pet store. Feeding with any other food from home would result in decrease in the lifespan of betta fish. Tip #5, as they are territorial, putting more than one male betta in a bowl even for a short time will result in injury affecting the lifespan of your betta fish.

Tip#6 Do not use antibiotics to the water. Antibiotics kills good bacteria along with bad bacterial poisoning the water. This is one of the important tips for better lifespan of betta fish. Tip #7, wash your hands thoroughly before handling your betta. Rinse your hands after washing to remove any soap. Tip #8, the ideal height of the tank should be around a feet. Your betta breathes air. Keep this in mind and see that it can reach to the top every easily. Tip #9 keep the pH of the water around 7. Drastic changes in the pH will affect the health of your betta and hence the lifespan of betta fish may decrease. The last and final tip #10, do not overfeed your betta, I repeat do not overfeed your betta for better lifespan of your betta fish