Friday, March 20, 2009

Natash My New Female Betta

How do you tell whether the Betta you are having is a male or female one? Quite easy, male Betta fish is more beautiful with large flowing fins and brilliant colors. The female Betta fish will have small fins and will be dull in color. In the animal kingdom almost always the male member of the species is more beautiful and attractive than the female one. In birds always the male is the more attractive one. Just imagine the roosters, the peacocks, the lions, the Indian elephant. I forgot say that even human beings belong to animal kingdom.

Coming back to Betta fish, the male one of this species is many times more attractive than the female Betta. But recently I have bought a female Betta fish which I forgot to blog about. I bought this one not for Betta breeding purpose but this one surprisingly is very brilliant both in colors and activity and also has a brilliant brain of its own. I will try to put a photograph of this one if possible very soon.

You know that I have the habit of naming my Betta fishes with quaint names. I tried but failed to name this one because it was so different from the rest of the female Betta fishes. Sadly yesterday one of my favorite actresses had died, who was a beauty with brains. Natasha Richardson, I named this female Betta after her Natash.