Friday, July 11, 2008


Recently I brought home a new betta fish to be a part of our family. Sorry folks I forgot to mention that one of my bettas Bob has died a couple of days before. What ever may be the our knowledge of these fishes and their lives and in spite of all the best scientific best knowledge, some how our bettas die, and that happens to my betta fish also. So I brought a new betta fish as our family member and need to name him.

Betta fish are also known as fighting fish as they fight to death protecting their territory. Though they are very aggressive fish, having many of them all these years I found out that they differ in their personalities from one and other every much. You can find this when you have more than one betta fish with you.

Before identifying this kind of personality and character differences in my betta fish, I use to name them with names mostly suited to fish like Chip, Chap, Bubble etc. But once I got to know their unique personalities, I started giving the names of the persons whom I know to have similar personalities. Bob was a quiet guy keeping to himself and never use bother about anything almost lethargic only until moved closure to another betta fish.

So friends, try this method if naming the fish. You would love this and feel more like having a real family member.