Sunday, September 7, 2008


Female betta fish just because they are not as attractive as the male cannot be ignored. Female betta fish when compared to the male metta fish are less vibrant in colors. Very rarely you can find female betta fish being as colorful as male but not having the flowing large fins. When compared to the male, female betta fish are more tolerant towards other female betta fishes as they are raised in tanks together. This makes the female betta fish more tolerant towards other female betta fish.

Though they are more tolerant than the male, the female betta fish do fight when initially combined with other female betta fishes in a single tank. The natural tendency of being territorial make female betta fish fight with other females initially which most often does not cause serious damage.

It is advised that one should not keep less than 4 female betta fishes in a tank. Four and more than four female betta fishes create a hierarchy and they do not fight with other. If you add just two female betta fishes, then they tend to fight with each other and hurt each other.
To keep 4 to 6 female betta fishes, it is advised to have a tank of 10 gallons size wtih plenty of hiding places with plants and rocks. This provides enough place to hide for female betta fish. When you add 4 to 6 fishes in a tank, these female betta fish creates a hierarchy and there will be an alpha female betta fish. To avoid any serious fight between these female betta fish, it is advised that to keep enough place in the tank wtih good hiding places and enough food to all of them.