Friday, April 4, 2008

Betta Fish Care: Colors in Beta fish

Betta Fish Care

Though in their natural habitat the beta fish are of dull brown or dull green color, selective breading and genetic manipulation you can get beautiful betta fish in many colors. The colors of betta fish are basically divided into three groups, solid, bicolors, and patterns.

Examples of Solid Color Betta Fish
There are three iridescent colors of beta fish available blue, green, and blue-green (this is a mixture of blue and green colors). Apart from these iridescent colors betta fish are available in other solid colors. These are translucent with no color, red color, orange color, copper, and black.

Examples of Bicolor Betta Fish
Basically bi-color betta fish comes with different body and fin colors. The types are combodian and chocolate color beta fish. The combodian betta fish comes in 3 varieties traditional body colorless and fins red, green combodian with body colorless and fins green, and blue combodian with body colorless and fins blue.

Examples of Pattern Color Betta Fish

These betta or beta fish are with several color patterns. Examples are butterfly, marble, and piebald beta fish.

Betta Fish Care

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