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Betta Fish Care : Beta Fish Diseases

Beta Fish Care - Diseases

When you hava a sick betta fish, you have to know that the most common beta fish diseases caused widely are infections. For a betta fish disease of infection, It is suggested that Maracyn-2 be used for such infections. Maracyn-2 is used for betta fish diseases in every type of infections as an antibiotic. Maracyn-2 is used in beta fish gill diseases, fit rots, tail rots, and popeye. It is also used in septecemia and dropsy along with secondary infections for a sick betta fish.

It is very important in betta fish care to change the water regularly twice a week when the betta fish has disease and is infected.

Another type of disease affecting beta fish is fungal infection. It is secondary to bad water condition and the symptoms of the sick betta fish are fluffy whitish patches along the mouth, eyes,and fins. For diseases, betta fish care can be carried out when there is a fungal infection. Malachite green and Methylene blue are the two types of medications used for fungal infection disease in beta fish.

It is very important in betta fish care to keep the temperature at correct.

Velvet disease in the betta fish is caused by an algae an yellow colored coat appears on the beta fish. The symtoms also includes anxiety and lethargy. Betta fish care for velvet disease include raising the water temperature to 80 degrees F and using Methylene blue.

In a sick betta fish, protozoan parasite infection is another type of disease which can be the reason. White stains on the body and fins of beta fish are the symptoms. The betta fish care treatment can be carried out by adding sodium chloride and raising the temperature of the betta fish tank. Malachite gree and Methylene blue can also be used for good results.

Fin rot is one of the bacterial infections in betta fish. Beta fish care can be carried out by Maracyn-2 for fin rot.

These are some of most common diseases of betta fish.

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