Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My Betta Fish

Like every betta lover, the aesthetics, the wonder of nature creating beauty,life, and aggressiveness in such a small form, the love for life, and the sheer pleasure the beauty of the male beta fish and its aggressive nature,attracted me to have a betta fish and care for it.

My first betta fish which I actually bought to make my 3-month old daughter happy and able to appreciate life was a shining blue one which was an absolute beauty (though it is male I prefer to call it a beauty). My daughter loved it very much.

Unfortunately, not knowing the beta fish will pop out of bowl, I filled the bowl to the brim with water. The next day early immediately out of bed as usual,I went to see the fish and the bowl was empty. Sad but determined to get a new one before my daughter is awake, I tried to but one from a nearby market....I could not get one....not even any of my friends had one.

Inevitably my daughter found out that her dear Sea (that was the name of the betta fish) is no more. I saw the fish down on the floor somewhat dried and buried it in our backyard. It was very hard to console my daughter and that evening we bought another betta and my daughter named it Sea once more.

This time being careful I started reading and collecting information about betta fish, and you know what.....there is a lot of information about betta fish.

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