Saturday, March 29, 2008

Betta Fish Care Additional Tips

Beta fish are some of the beautiful fish you can have. In their natural habitat betta fish live in dirty and cloudy water and survive because the beta fish can breath air directly through an organ situated on the head called labyrinth organ. Once you have decided to get a new family member a beautiful long flowing finned, brilliantly colored betta fish, please go through the additional tips.

Betta Fish Care Additional Tips:

1. Once you select a new betta fish to be your fish, though the beta fish can live in a small bowl, it will be a nice idea to bring in a bigger bowel or a tank of 1 gallon. See that it tank is not very large and you have difficultly finding the betta fish hiding in some corner. Betta fish care additional tip #1 buy a reasonable sized bowl or tank, so you don't feel that you are torturing your new beta fish.

2. If you buy a bigger tank or bowl for your betta fish, you can change three-fourth of the water in your betta fish bowl or tank and instead of cleaning the bowl every week you can clean it once in a month. Betta fish care additional tip #2, change three-fourth of the water once every week and clean the betta fish tank once every month.

3. Make sure that you add tank accessories to the tank to make it a home to your betta fish. Make sure that the accessories you add are soft as the beta fish long flowing fins may get teared. Betta fish care additional tip #3, add accessories to may the bowl a home to your betta fish and make sure you add soft accessories.

4. Make sure you cover the tank properly, else the betta fish may jump out and fall to die like it happened with my first betta. Betta fish care additional tip #4 cover the tank.

5. Make sure to place the bowl somewhere in the room where it is easily for you to see it, after all it is there to enhance the beauty of your home. Beta fish care additional tip #5, arrange the bowl somewhere in the room where you can watch your beta fish regularly.

The are the five tips to be remembered while have a beta fish in your home.

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