Thursday, August 7, 2014

From Bangalore to Bengaluru: Retractable Bolcony Enclosure in a High Rise in Bangalore

This is a new way to cover your balcony.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Natash My New Female Betta

How do you tell whether the Betta you are having is a male or female one? Quite easy, male Betta fish is more beautiful with large flowing fins and brilliant colors. The female Betta fish will have small fins and will be dull in color. In the animal kingdom almost always the male member of the species is more beautiful and attractive than the female one. In birds always the male is the more attractive one. Just imagine the roosters, the peacocks, the lions, the Indian elephant. I forgot say that even human beings belong to animal kingdom.

Coming back to Betta fish, the male one of this species is many times more attractive than the female Betta. But recently I have bought a female Betta fish which I forgot to blog about. I bought this one not for Betta breeding purpose but this one surprisingly is very brilliant both in colors and activity and also has a brilliant brain of its own. I will try to put a photograph of this one if possible very soon.

You know that I have the habit of naming my Betta fishes with quaint names. I tried but failed to name this one because it was so different from the rest of the female Betta fishes. Sadly yesterday one of my favorite actresses had died, who was a beauty with brains. Natasha Richardson, I named this female Betta after her Natash.

Sunday, September 7, 2008


Female betta fish just because they are not as attractive as the male cannot be ignored. Female betta fish when compared to the male metta fish are less vibrant in colors. Very rarely you can find female betta fish being as colorful as male but not having the flowing large fins. When compared to the male, female betta fish are more tolerant towards other female betta fishes as they are raised in tanks together. This makes the female betta fish more tolerant towards other female betta fish.

Though they are more tolerant than the male, the female betta fish do fight when initially combined with other female betta fishes in a single tank. The natural tendency of being territorial make female betta fish fight with other females initially which most often does not cause serious damage.

It is advised that one should not keep less than 4 female betta fishes in a tank. Four and more than four female betta fishes create a hierarchy and they do not fight with other. If you add just two female betta fishes, then they tend to fight with each other and hurt each other.
To keep 4 to 6 female betta fishes, it is advised to have a tank of 10 gallons size wtih plenty of hiding places with plants and rocks. This provides enough place to hide for female betta fish. When you add 4 to 6 fishes in a tank, these female betta fish creates a hierarchy and there will be an alpha female betta fish. To avoid any serious fight between these female betta fish, it is advised that to keep enough place in the tank wtih good hiding places and enough food to all of them.

Friday, September 5, 2008


The betta fish lifespan ranges from 2 to 5 years depending upon the care you give them. Taking good care of your betta will ensure a longer lifespan for your betta fish. When you buy your betta from the pet stores, you need to know that they are adult betta and already about 6 months old. If the breeding has taken good care while breeding and good health of your betta when you bought it will result in a longer lifespan of your betta.

There are about 10 tips to ensure your betta fish has a longer lifespan.

Tip #1 for better lifespan of your betta is not to use purified or distilled water. Purified and distilled water along with that from carbon water filters are not good for betta fish. Normal tap water will be good for lifespan of betta fish. Tip #2 is ensure that there is good bacteria in the bowl or tank for good bacteria to process ammonia and nitrites excreted by the betta fish for longer lifespan of it. Tip #3 though betta fish can live in very little water since they can breathe directly from air, a minimum of one and half to two gallons of water would be better for a longer lifespan of betta fish. Tip #4, betta are carnivorous and strictly adhering to the food given by the pet store. Feeding with any other food from home would result in decrease in the lifespan of betta fish. Tip #5, as they are territorial, putting more than one male betta in a bowl even for a short time will result in injury affecting the lifespan of your betta fish.

Tip#6 Do not use antibiotics to the water. Antibiotics kills good bacteria along with bad bacterial poisoning the water. This is one of the important tips for better lifespan of betta fish. Tip #7, wash your hands thoroughly before handling your betta. Rinse your hands after washing to remove any soap. Tip #8, the ideal height of the tank should be around a feet. Your betta breathes air. Keep this in mind and see that it can reach to the top every easily. Tip #9 keep the pH of the water around 7. Drastic changes in the pH will affect the health of your betta and hence the lifespan of betta fish may decrease. The last and final tip #10, do not overfeed your betta, I repeat do not overfeed your betta for better lifespan of your betta fish

Friday, July 11, 2008


Recently I brought home a new betta fish to be a part of our family. Sorry folks I forgot to mention that one of my bettas Bob has died a couple of days before. What ever may be the our knowledge of these fishes and their lives and in spite of all the best scientific best knowledge, some how our bettas die, and that happens to my betta fish also. So I brought a new betta fish as our family member and need to name him.

Betta fish are also known as fighting fish as they fight to death protecting their territory. Though they are very aggressive fish, having many of them all these years I found out that they differ in their personalities from one and other every much. You can find this when you have more than one betta fish with you.

Before identifying this kind of personality and character differences in my betta fish, I use to name them with names mostly suited to fish like Chip, Chap, Bubble etc. But once I got to know their unique personalities, I started giving the names of the persons whom I know to have similar personalities. Bob was a quiet guy keeping to himself and never use bother about anything almost lethargic only until moved closure to another betta fish.

So friends, try this method if naming the fish. You would love this and feel more like having a real family member.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Betta Fish Care: Beta Fish Mating

You can watch the beta fish mating here in the video. The male betta fish and the female betta fish starts circling before mating.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Betta Fish Care: Transferring To a New Bowl

Many people say that when the transfer the betta fish (beta fish) to a new bowl or adding new water to the old bowl or tank itself, you should not use complete new water but slowly add new water to the bowl little by little. I do not believe in this. The point is you just need to maintain the pH and temperature of the new water. The pH should be slightly acidic and the water temperature around 80 degrees F. The main reason we change in water of the betta fish/beta fish bowel is the water will be contaminated with the feces.

Before transferring the betta fish to the new water. You just check the pH and temperature of the new bowl know that the temperature and pH and of optimum range and transfer the betta fish to the new bowl or tank. If you want to transfer the betta fish back to the its original bowl, just clean the bowl and transfer if along with the new water.

Your betta fish care of the beta fish depends on you being a little bit careful while feeding and changing the water.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Betta Fish Care: Mating and Breeding of beta fish

Betta fish Care Mating

For beta fish breeding 10-gallon tanks are suitable. Sometimes even smaller tanks are utilized. The betta fish should be fed properly before breeding with live food.

The temperature of the water should be around 80 degrees F as these beta fish are of tropical in habitat. They do not need special equipment.

The betta fish breads in bubble nests. The male beta fish builds his floating nest of saliva coated air bubble called bubble nest when he is ready to breed. Hiding places should be provided to the female as the male betta fish tend to be agressive when mating. Under the bubble nest the male and female will begin circling with display of bright colors. The male beta fish will embrace the upturned female. As the female betta fish releases the eggs,they get fertilize and sink. The male beta fish picks up the fertilized eggs and the male spits them into the bubble nest

The male beta fish ends to the egg,and the the female should be removed. The male betta fish also should be removed within 2 days. The eggs will hatch in 1 to 2 days. The baby betta fish (fry) can be seen hanging on the bubble nest. The fry will feed on the yolk sack for antoher 36 hours. The babies should be feed with the baby food from the pet shop.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Betta Fish Care : Beta Fish Diseases

Beta Fish Care - Diseases

When you hava a sick betta fish, you have to know that the most common beta fish diseases caused widely are infections. For a betta fish disease of infection, It is suggested that Maracyn-2 be used for such infections. Maracyn-2 is used for betta fish diseases in every type of infections as an antibiotic. Maracyn-2 is used in beta fish gill diseases, fit rots, tail rots, and popeye. It is also used in septecemia and dropsy along with secondary infections for a sick betta fish.

It is very important in betta fish care to change the water regularly twice a week when the betta fish has disease and is infected.

Another type of disease affecting beta fish is fungal infection. It is secondary to bad water condition and the symptoms of the sick betta fish are fluffy whitish patches along the mouth, eyes,and fins. For diseases, betta fish care can be carried out when there is a fungal infection. Malachite green and Methylene blue are the two types of medications used for fungal infection disease in beta fish.

It is very important in betta fish care to keep the temperature at correct.

Velvet disease in the betta fish is caused by an algae an yellow colored coat appears on the beta fish. The symtoms also includes anxiety and lethargy. Betta fish care for velvet disease include raising the water temperature to 80 degrees F and using Methylene blue.

In a sick betta fish, protozoan parasite infection is another type of disease which can be the reason. White stains on the body and fins of beta fish are the symptoms. The betta fish care treatment can be carried out by adding sodium chloride and raising the temperature of the betta fish tank. Malachite gree and Methylene blue can also be used for good results.

Fin rot is one of the bacterial infections in betta fish. Beta fish care can be carried out by Maracyn-2 for fin rot.

These are some of most common diseases of betta fish.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Betta Fish Care: Colors in Beta fish

Betta Fish Care

Though in their natural habitat the beta fish are of dull brown or dull green color, selective breading and genetic manipulation you can get beautiful betta fish in many colors. The colors of betta fish are basically divided into three groups, solid, bicolors, and patterns.

Examples of Solid Color Betta Fish
There are three iridescent colors of beta fish available blue, green, and blue-green (this is a mixture of blue and green colors). Apart from these iridescent colors betta fish are available in other solid colors. These are translucent with no color, red color, orange color, copper, and black.

Examples of Bicolor Betta Fish
Basically bi-color betta fish comes with different body and fin colors. The types are combodian and chocolate color beta fish. The combodian betta fish comes in 3 varieties traditional body colorless and fins red, green combodian with body colorless and fins green, and blue combodian with body colorless and fins blue.

Examples of Pattern Color Betta Fish

These betta or beta fish are with several color patterns. Examples are butterfly, marble, and piebald beta fish.

Betta Fish Care